London Spokes

About Us

Founded by James Barnham (engineer and cycling geek)

“From as far back as I can remember, I’ve been on bikes. We grew up without a car and the family cycled everywhere. That love of freedom you get when cycling has never left me. My interest in cycling became more and more technical and I spent 10 years in London cycle shops, from sales to professional mechanic to managing two stores. Since building my first wheels in 1992 I developed a real interest in the art of building wheels which led to me start up LondonSpokes.”

Cycling Interests

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking in the UK really started to take off in the late 1980s. James bought his first mountain bike in 1988, a Ridgeback 702LX – a very capable machine of its time with only a handful of brands making quality mountain bikes and Ridgeback was up there.

Taken in the Lake District in about 1991. Keen eyed enthusiasts may recognise some classic components such as the Girvin Flexstem! Also notice the absence of a big chainring, an unusual choice at the time that has since become the norm.
More recently in Chamonix

Over the years James has owned too many bikes, trikes and tandems to count, yet at the time of writing owns six.


James has always been fascinated in the aerodynamic advantage that recumbents offer and in 1994 he purchased his first, a Kingcycle which was collected from Miles Kingsbury at his engineering workshop in High Wycombe (+ a friendly tour of the amazing developments he was working on).

James’s Kingcycle with fibreglass fairing and Kingsbury linkage suspension fork

Since then he has owned and modified two Burrows AVD Windcheetah models. More details will be added on this site about the engineering modifications soon.

Foreground: The first prototype small wheeled Windcheetah called the CompactSport
Background: Late release Windcheetah Hypersport with carbon fibre fairing

Fixed Wheel

The simplicity of a Fixed Wheel bike is incredible. The bike is stripped of all inessential components – there is nothing more you could remove. Riding a fixed wheel bike feels sharp, connected, thrilling and totally silent. Lovely!

James’s custom built Specialized Langster with Phil Wood hubs and custom riveted titanium Brooks Swallow saddle. In commuting guise with Hope front light
James at Lee Valley Olympic Velodrome
James’s first Brompton – sadly stolen 2 weeks after this photo.