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Brompton wheels vary and so do the spoke lengths. There are current and old models, front and back wheels & hubs and rims of different sizes and types. Then there are aftermarket, non standard hubs and rims which won’t conform to any Brompton spoke size chart (If you are building a custom wheel please refer to the Helpful Tips page).

For direct replacement of existing spokes in a Brompton wheel, you can either measure one of the existing spokes or use Brompton’s own size chart which is illustrated below – Click on the thumbnail for the full PDF.

Simplified Brompton Spoke Sizing Chart

Brompton Spoke Length PDF

Click on the image to open a PDF of Brompton’s spoke size chart and spoke lacing recommendations.

You may notice that they state some spokes as 13 Gauge (2.3mm diameter) and others are 14 Gauge (2mm diameter). Currently LondonSpokes will only supply 14 Gauge which in most cases is a fine replacement for 13 Gauge (and a little lighter weight) unless you are touring or require the very strongest wheels possible.
The strength of any wheel is not based purely on spoke thickness.

*Please note that the PDF and associated information has been created by Brompton, not LondonSpokes and LondonSpokes canot be held liable for any errors.

James Barnham truing a Brompton wheel

James from LondonSpokes rebuilding a Brompton Sturmey Archer rear wheel with Black DT spokes.