London Spokes

Spoke Machine

Spokes feature 10mm of thread at 56TPI (threads per inch). This is an industry standard irrespective of spoke gauge (diameter/thickness).
During industrial manufacture, spoke threads are always cold rolled – a process which forces the spoke material into its threaded form, on a microscopic level this causes the metal to flow into the desired shape which increases strength and provides smoother faces on the thread.
Spoke threads should never be cut to size. The following illustration explains shows the difference in thread diameter between the two:

How we trim spokes and roll the threads

We use a Phil Wood Spoke Machine – These are the most established spoke machines which produce consistent high quality results and have been produced since the 1980s.

LondonSpokes Phil Wood Spoke Machine. Trusty No.394
Here you can see the top die on the horizontal slide that rolls the threads into the spokes
Old and new thread dies. New dies in the background installed in 2017. Dies are double sided and can last up to 60,000 spokes each side

There are processes that need to be followed in order to use and maintain the machine to keep it at maximum performance. As an engineer James Barnham has totally refurbished this spoke machine with over £1200 of new parts so knows about it more than most ever will. Photos of the refurbishment can be viewed here. The results speak for themselves.